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Solaris OS Agent stuck on file scanning


We have the following issue with an agent on a single device with Solaris 5.11 

In tracker.log it does not go over file scanning ( see attached). 

We are running Flexera 2022 R2. 

From my understanding i know it can take time to search through a big server, but this one never finishes, we left it to scan for more than 5 hours. 

We tried troubleshooting this one,  reinstalling the agent, restarting the server ( it had a high uptime). manually forcing the agent but with no luck.

Any idea to check this up further? 

Thank you.

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Sorry for the delay, unfortunately it does not help our situation .. 

Have you tried to exclude directories from the scan?


We already have folders excluded from search under /var/ ; /data/ and /usr/ .
And as seen on the screenshot I am not able to find where it starts searching, because i would try to exclude the specified folder(s).  

I sent the command to my colleague who works and has access to the solaris server. 

And for the semaphore-lock, it is not the case, it goes through with it. 

Just getting stuck on the scanning 

Thank you!