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Servers not pulling

Would anyone be able to walk me through how to check credentials on the Beacon server? It looks like the agent isn't able to scan a handful of devices in due to the error message below. I believe I need to see if the devices are in the AD group but I have no clue to do so. 

Error message: 

Failed to execute the command on the remote device., Type: RPCCommand, Result: Failed, Credential: Distribution Scheduled Task User, Status: RPCStartServiceFailed, Duration: 21.18, StartDateTime: 2023-01-30T02:41:58, IsSkippedTask: false, IsDiscoveryTask: false, Parameter: \\HQ2-PCM-FLXBCN1\mgsRET$\mgsreservice.exe, Parameter: mgs-{25C186DD-C6BE-42EF-823D-902D2A1A926A}, LastError: The system cannot find the file specified. , CommandLine: \\HQ2-PCM-FLXBCN1\mgsRET$\Inventory\ndtrack.exe -t Machine -o UploadLocation="" -o LogModules="default" -o IgnoreConnectionWindows="true" -o ShowIcon="false" -o PolicyRevisionNumber="1591" -o RuleID="4" -o SessionUID="f6c7bbff-3bbe-4626-a396-1643da659caa" -o IncludeDirectory="" -o CALInventory="False"

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Community Manager

The "system cannot find the file specified" error suggests that the target computer is unable to access the following UNC path:


On the target computer, check whether you can browse the \\hp2-pcm-flxbcn1\mgsRET$ file share, and troubleshoot from there.

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