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Time Zone on Database Server: UTC; On FNMS and Beacons: US Eastern - Revisited

Hi all ...

Back on January 9th, 2023, I asked whether having the database server time as UTC while all other servers are in the US Eastern time zone was OK.

It is OK but I wanted to point out some inconsistencies I've been seeing and ask if this is working as designed.

I am running FNMS 2022 R1 on-prem.

If I go to the System Health Dashboard and look at the boxes for the ARL, SKU and PURL, the times do not display consistently.  Look at the example from my dashboard below - the ARL and PURL update times are displaying in the US Eastern Time Zone but the SKU library is displaying in UTC. I know this because the ARL import completed successfully at 2:03pm US Eastern; if you add 5 hours to that, you get UTC of 7:03pm:



If I assume all times above are US Eastern, the display time for the SKU library of 7:03pm is wrong. It should say 2:03pm.

Also, if I go to an inventory device's history, the times listed there are in UTC, not US Eastern.

This is despite my setting system preferences to display times as US Eastern:


... and my own preferences to the same value:


Is this working as designed?

(Now you might ask why I don't simply change the database server's time zone to US Eastern ... the answer to that is, I may not be allowed to do that on my SQL Server by agency standard.)


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Good observations - thanks for sharing @mfeinman .

I've updated the response on the older thread that you raised to reflect this, and refer to the known issue with beacon status reporting that you found and noted in another thread.

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Yeah, I don't know why the known issue document didn't come up for me while I researched this issue; I happened to see it while looking at something else!