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SLBSLS Vendor Daemons Connected But Not Shown

Dear Support,

We have upgraded to 2019R2, after that our SLBSLS Vendor Daemons Connected But Not Shown. All other daemons are shows ok.

SLBSLS vendor works fine before up gradation. The Agent configuration is ok.

Please see Main Page , Vendor Daemon and License Manger screen dump and suggest solution.

Adnan Iqbal

(3) Replies

This may be related to the message that is displayed on your Main Page.

You are trying to import Report Logs from 14 different vendor daemons and your FNMEA License Key only has entitlements for 10 vendor daemons.


Dear Kirk,

Many Thank for your response, it comes when i import Flexnet Man Reporting configuration.

How to get rid of that as now i only able to use two DAEMONS to update , other 3 are showing current license usage and 3 of SLB are even not showing current license.

Please help me as Flexra Response is very slow.

Adnan Iqbal

I talked to some internal Flexera resources and they agree that the following Knowledge Base article should help with your issue.