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Hello everyone. I would like a help. Is there any place/link where I can get a library of all FlexNet SKUs? My company just started uploading all our license in FlexNet, but we are facing a lot of difficulties to find SKU information with manufactures and resellers.

Thanks in advance!

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


You can find the list of SKU's in the FNMS compliance database, but the attached information will be encrypted. This is to protect Flexera's intellectual property.

Best regards,


@mfranz, I can access FNMS compliance data base as a read only user and extract all SKUs register in FNMS or this information is encrypted?

What FlexNet team is requesting us is to fill out some templates to bulk load the information in the tool, but as I said I have software information as version, edition but not SKU for most of the softwares.

This is making our tool usage difficult.

Yes, the SKU details in the FlexNet database are encrypted to protect IP held by various parties. The best place to get SKUs is from your vendors - FlexNet isn't in a position to be able to provide that data on behalf of vendors.

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Hey Chris,

We are trying to create a report from our All Purchases and normalize the data for Power BI reporting to reflect a Product Name vs. the Item Description, if the SKU matches an entry in FNMS.  I know the data is encrypted, but is there any way to correlate the purchase part no to the Product name found in the SoftwareTitleInfo table? 

Appreciate your help.



Please would you mind elaborating a bit more on your needs here?

You seem to me to be trying to mix SKU recognition with application recognition (ARL) which isn't possible (as it would be a "one-to-many" type or potentially even a "many-to-many" type of relationship), but I may be misunderstanding your use case(s)?


We are being asked to report on all of our purchases and grouping them by software title (Item Description) and representing that in a dashboard is impossible because you can't really group them, other than by SKU.  But even that would be too large a dataset to represent well.  We are looking for a Product Name or Product Family that can be derived from the SKU and then tied to the SoftwareTitleInfo table to pull that Product Name.

Does that make sense?


Right, my one-to-many / many-to-many concerns still apply...

Do you have a naming standard for licenses created based on the purchases (SKUs)?

If you do, it may be easier for you to take the outset in doing this per license instead of per SKU, e.g. the Purchases tab in the License view allows for many more attributes that you could then include:



Hello tiduarte

What can help you at this stage is the table called  dbo.SoftwareSku...the column name is 'SKU'.  As others says all other columns information are encrypted by designed of IP protection. But the SKU list itself is not encrypted.  So it can at least help you doing thing such as..." I have a list of SKU/Part Number....let me see how many are matched/covered by current Flexera SKU library" can import your list of SKU into a temp table and match with dbo.SoftwareSKU on SKU=SKU


Hope it helps.

Best Regards


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Hello Kevin,

Can you share the list? We are going through the same issue.




Jag Gouttumukkala

By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran
Hi Tiduarte

Further to the responses you have received so far - I think it is worth highlighting that whilst having SKU's is helpful and can aid a greater level of automation in FNMS.

You can still import your purchases without SKU's. You will just need to 'Process' your purchases from the Unprocessed purchase page then selecting the relevant application, license type and purchase model etc (if available). It is also worth highlighting that some Publishers (such as Oracle) often do not provide SKU's.
(Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera. If my reply answers a question you have raised, please click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION".)