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Removing bunch of devices from FNMS is tedious and fruitless work

Whenever I have a list of devices to remove from All Inventory page then it becomes monotonous and time taking process.Everytime I need to search for a device and remove it individually. Why can't I just uplaod a list of devices to get it removed from FNMS.

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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Instead of removing the device you could mark them as ignored. This can be done via a business adapter. That will allow for a pseudo automated solution like you described where you can use a spreadsheet. 

Can you share the steps how to build that adapter ?

 I would refer you to the business adapter practice guide at the link below: 

i have a business adapter I built and it was fully functional in 2016 R1.  When we upgraded to 2018 R2, it no longer commits the changes.  That is, to say, the business adapter works and if you look at the status in the ComplianceComputer table, it shows the desired value, but it does not get updated in the Console unless you manually open the record and Save the record.  What changed between the versions?

Hi Anne, could you describe what your business adapter does exactly? Does it use the object model to change computers, or do you use custom SQL queries to change data directly?

If a device is ignored, does it still count as a used license?

@rwiltshire An ignored device does not consume a license. 

....but the installed applications will still appear in 'Application' reports if the inventory device is left as 'Ignored'.  I prefer to ensure there is an associated Asset Record and then retire the Asset which performs complete housekeeping against the Inventory Device.

Once a device is ignored it is unlinked from all software installations and all licenses are reclaimed. 

Just ignoring an Inventory Device still leaves the applications listed with the device record.  (FNMS On-Premise)

After the next scheduled reconciliation, the license association is removed but the applications are still associated to the 'Ignored' device. 

If you Retire the associated Asset Record the inventory device is automatically set to 'Ignored' and instantly removes the applications and licenses associated to the inventory record.

I agree, Ignoring inventory is not an appropriate solution beacuse it appears everywhere , it shows under inventory issues and in all invnetory page as well. We would directly need to retire or remove the invnetory from FNMS.

Is there any API provided by Flexera for deleting devices from Out of date devices list ?

Most of the time. I have a situation where a license is still be consumed on a device that has been ignored for months now, and the Application and License tabs are blank, but it still consumes a license. Have a case open for this one.
Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.
By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion
Assuming FNMS on-premise: If you have a reliable business logic behind your removal process, you should be able to create a SQL statement to automate this.
Thanks but I am using FNMS Cloud
You can use an Advanced filter.
Name is any of
In the <enter a value> put in the string of device names. Ex: H212FF0, H4C8088, H63E29B, H5202FB

I have not tried this with hundreds of device names so I can't tell you the limit but it helps. Then you can "select all".