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Pro and Con of creating license via automation business importer

Hi Dear Community,

I was wondering if the community can help me understand the pro's and con's of creating licenses manually versus creating them via business importers.



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Hi Cloaky,

While not all the pros and cons of license creation, I have listed some that I have seen below:

Business Importers allow for faster creation of multiple licenses at the same time, but they do require time to create and maintain them. There is also the time spent troubleshooting if the business importer stops working

Manual license creation is slower when creating multiple licenses, but there is no upkeep needed like there is with the business importer

Using SKUs for your license creation does speed the process up, and is generally what I would recommend using to create the license.

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While it is possible to create license records using a business adapter, that is generally only done in special situations like populating test data in a test instance, or where you don't need license records to be fully configured automatically with application links, full use rights, etc. If you create license records using a business adapter:

  • You will not get the benefit of using license templates from the Product Use Rights Library (PURL). All settings on the license will be up to you to configure. Depending on your particular scenario, this may be an acceptable constraint.

  • Not all properties and relationships on license records can be populated using business adapters. Depending on what details you want to configure on the licenses, you may find that you can only do that by creating licenses from PURL templates in the UI or by processing purchase data, or by editing license records in the UI directly.
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@ChrisG  Thank you for the responses! I would want to know where I can navigate to find the license templates from PURL

Can you please help me with this?




If you mean from the FlexNet Manager UI you can select an application (as an example I used 'Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise' for taking the screen shot below) and then manually try to create a license from it, and the PURL then provides the options:



@JohnSorensenDK  Would it be possible to let me know where in application UI I would have to navigate to get to this page? I tried going into an application and couldn't find the PURL page basically.

I am interested to know how to create licenses from PURL templates in UI of FNMS Cloud platform.



@Cloaky  - Go to either the Installed Applications or the All Applications view.  Search for the software application to create a license from.  Click on the check box to select it.  In the upper right, there will be a Create a License button that you can then click on to create this page.

@kclausen Thank you for the information! It really is appreciated.