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Oracle RAC database inventory

If an adopted FNMS Inventory agent is unable to gather Oracle database inventory on Windows because OS authentication is disabled, it is my understanding that remote oracle database inventory via the beacon is the only viable option for Oracle inventory.  Is this correct?

If my assumption is correct, my question is, if the FNMS discovery/inventory rule is setup to gather inventory from a logical Oracle service that has RAC behind the curtain, is the inventory process able to get ALL of the discrete instances that make up the logical database service? For example, let's say a logical database service called "ORCL" is made up of 3 physical instances called "ORCL1", "ORCL2", "ORCL3", will the discovery and inventory rule that gathers oracle database inventory from the "ORCL" service be able to detect and gather database inventory for all 3 instances? If not, how does one get all of the instances - assume there is no listener available for the individual RAC services, ORCL1, ORCL2, and ORCL3.

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Hi John,

Yes - the beacon initiated Oracle DB introspection will generate inventory for each of the nodes in the cluster at once - independent of which node it actually gets attached to when it makes the connection.

You would still need to collect hardware inventory from each node though as that is still required to determine the consumption.

Regarding OS authentication failing - if it's failing because the default (Local System) account for the agent windows service is not a DBA then you could look at the command line options the agent supports to control the account used to connect (OracleInventoryUser).  However if OS authentication is disabled entirely then you are correct that the beacon approach needs to be used.


Thanks Murray.