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FNMS Agent for server return back inventory with zero applications

Hi, I'm facing a problem where the FNMS agent for Server came back with zero applications. The agents is working fine on workstations.

I'm suspecting this could be due to some group policy, but not sure where to start troubleshooting.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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It sounds like either ndtrack Permissions or settings incorrect on the agent itself (excluding directories)

If you manually generate an NDI on the patient machine and view it in notepad you should either see/or not see the applications
The following instructions can be used to generate an NDI file on the FlexNet agent:

1. Create an INVENTORY folder in the root of C
2. open a command prompt
3. change the directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\Tracker (this is the default directory on a 64-bit machine)
3. run the following command: "ndtrack -t machine -o Upload=False -o MachineInventoryDirectory=C:\INVENTORY Logging=True"
5. Please give the machine a moment to allow it to manually generate inventory
6. Please check the INVENTORY folder as within it there should be a *.ndi file

1. open a command prompt
2. change the directory to /opt/managesoft/bin
3. run the following command: ndtrack -t machine -o Upload=False -o MachineInventoryDirectory=(a directory where documents are stored) Logging=True
4. Please give the machine a moment to allow it to manually generate inventory, please watch the chosen directory for the *.ndi file.

That aside the Tracker.log will also provide useful insight as to if ndtrack (which tracks the software) was successful in launching or not, the log for this can be found under c:\windows\temp\managesoft\tracker.log

Finally, under the same path of c:\windows\temp\managesoft\ there will also be an uploader.log, this will be useful to check just in case everything is being detected properly, it's just it cannot upload it for whatever reason