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Office365 Software - confusion between Ofice 365 ProPlus and Office 365 2016 Professional Plus

Hi  @ll,

The product "Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus" is installed on a device (Add/Remove Version: 16.0.11929.20562). Installer was downloaded from the o365 portal and deployed.


But Flexera shows the recognized application as "Office 365 2016 Professional Plus"


We would now have expected that this installation would at least be recognized as "Office 365 ProPlus". There is an Office 365 ProPlus application, but its evidence is so general that other evidence is more likely to be matched.

It is a bit confusing that for a current product, which probably has more functions and features than the current Office 2019 on-premise, it is still recognized as Office 365 2016. We would appreciate an explanation of this fact.


Thanks and greetings, Dennis


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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

We are aware of the recognition issues between Office 365 and Office 365 2016. Our Product Management and Content teams are currently investigating the issue to devise a plan going forward to cut down on incorrect recognition of Office 365 and Office 265 2016.

Hi Team Flexera,

Thanks for the update on the issue raised by the community user and if the flexera identified the issues and working on i would suggest if it's possible to publish updates on such observations and the ETA/the possibly workarounds for guiding the customers using the product and facing issue similar to this so that community members will be aware of this.

It will be a best practice if its done so that it will save sometime for the users and avoid raising requests to the support as well.