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Multiple beacons configure while installing Agent

We have multiple beacons in our environment. We would like to provide all the beacons servers in the bootstrapping file  e.g. msgsetup.ini file for windows, unix, mac, etc. 

It will help where we have multiple domain and they can't access beacon installed on other domain, this way we can have only one package for all the domain.


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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran


I have replied back to your ticket, but since this was created on the community. 

You can follow the steps listed here

That should cover what you require. 

Many Thanks,


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I also have a similar setup in one of my customer network were they use Six beacons and all beacons are added in single mgssetup.ini 

We have used this file to deploy the agent using a single installer ( SCCM )to all device falling under six beacons .


Please get flexera support to get the solution advised under ticket no  02147339 , this method will make the whole process easy and simple.



Junaid Vengadan


Hi @emtmeta ,


You can't add multiple beacons in the .ini file, it's not working, how ever if you check the link published by @mcavanagh , you can find a workaround on this topic, you need to deploy a custom policy file with all beacons. I did a package like this and is working with no issue with 7 beacons deployed. This solution have some improvements, like if you deploy an agent and the ports are closed to beacon, with a normal packet the deployment will fail, this new package will check on every 6 hour if the beacons are available and try to download the policy. 

Just read the post, download the custom package and follow the documentation.


Thanks for the clarification 🙂

I'll have a look and try this out.

Flexera, could you please verify and add comment the solution provided in the ticket 02147339 for this?