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Configure replication on inventory server with installed Beacon

Hi all,

we have an all in one FNMS 2023 R1 server - what type of replication should I use? We have used the variant described here :, but no NDI file is stored under the replication path we have specified (we expect the NDI files of the FNMS 2023 R1). In this case, does replication have to be set in the Beacon UI?

Thank you



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Corinna,

Did you restart the IIS, to force the web service to fetch the updated settings? Also, did you create the folder manually?

Best regards,


Hi Markward,

yes, the IIS was restarted; for the other question I'm waiting for feedback from our customer

Kind regards

Hello @CorinnaSeiferth ,

Where did you configured the IIS, on the beacon server or on the application server?

Because as far as I know the IIS replication works only on the app/upload server, on the beacon server you can configure the replication from beacon software

And there you can control which data to replicate, where and the retention period.