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Microsoft User CAL Metric Consumption

We have encountered problems with reconciliation of Microsodt product with the metric Microsoft USer/Device CAL, f.e. it concerns Azure DevOps Server and Project Server. Besides not having trackable usage of Project Server and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, all the existing user are constibuting to the consumption of the license.

Similarly, in the case of SQL and Windows Server (which are used) all users are counted for the consumption of the CAL licenses.

What would be the best way to handle this metric and allow automatic allocation for the products in use?

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Please refer to the FlexNet Manager Suite System Reference's chapter 6 (Introduction to Client Access License) that outlines its support for CAL specific licenses. Also the Microsoft Practice Guide (available from the Learning Center) contains some information and recommendations on management of CAL licenses.

The Microsoft applications in your list are not among the supported server products for CAL management and therefore it will require some manual effort and analysis to find an approach to determine consumption as appropriate for how your organization is structured.

Please also search in this community forum using 'CAL' as keyword and you'll find other relevant discussions and recommendations by experienced members.