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Unintsall and re-install agent on Solaris

Good day

A customer is trying to  uninstall the Solaris SPARC agent on their machine. Before uninstalling they removed:

  • /var/opt/managesoft directory
  • /opt/mananagesoft directory
  • /etc/managesoft.ini file

When  trying to reinstall the agent they receive the attached error. 

Please advise

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According to documentation:

Solaris x86 and SPARC the following command need to be run:

echo action=nocheck > admin.mgs
pkgrm -n -a admin.mgs ManageSoft
rm -f admin.mgs

and after that removing the folders. From the error it seems that the agent was not  uninstalled


@adrian_ritz1  - the command below does not work from the documentation

The agent was installed but did not work. The command that was run is as follows:

pkgadd -d (agent)


I don't know what to say in this case.

The agent should be installed with the following command:

Solaris SPARC For the default installation path:
pkgadd -n -a admin -r /dev/null -d managesoft-[VERSION].sparc.pkg ManageSoft

May be you can try to stop managesoft services and then uninstall

/etc/init.d/ndtask stop

I have no other idea.


By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Good day,


It looks like you are trying to install the agent.

Can you please try uninstall command 

pkgrm managesoft




It may not have been removed properly, a small trick that may work is to first upgrade the agent to a higher version than 13.2.0 so that the installation is repaired and then remove it using the steps mentioned by adrian,

@dcollins , @adrian_ritz1  _ please see new error


Problem is resolved. Thanks.  Problem is that when removing ManageSoft is case sensitive.

ahah, good find! I always hate case sensitive issues also!