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Is there a way to extract the FNMS Compliance DB into a CSV or alternative format

Good day Forums

Is there a way to extract the FNMS Compliance DB into a CSV or alternative format? We are looking at adding the data onto our  Big Data Platform.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

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@IronManMK10 - Assuming that you have FNMS On-Premises, you would need to create/write the appropriate SQL Scripts against the Compliance Database to extract the data that you want to import into Big Data.

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Before actually exporting any data, you should gain an understanding of what data you'll need, where to get it, how to insert/update/delete it. You should develop a basic understanding of your Big Data Platform and the FNMS schema/object model.

Depending on what your are planing to  do, the FNMS Data Warehouse database might be more interesting, because it holds historic data.

CSV files are a terrible idea for data transfer, especially around date/time fields. A direct data connection, if possible, would be faster and less of a media disruption.

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