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Is there a way to create a non-domain user account in FNMS?

Pretty self explanatory. I have my assumptions but am looking for a definitive answer.

Is there a way to create a user account in FNMS that is not tied to a Windows domain?

Use case is an organization has subsidiaries that are not a part of their domain and need to keep them separate, but someone from that organization needs access to the parent companies' on prem FNMS instance. Their NAT allows the user to get to the to the FNMS Web UI, but they don't want to create an account for the user on the parent company domain.

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Hi Kyle,

Sounds as if you might be looking for some sort of "Single Sign-On Support"?

In the FNMS SystemReference document, Chapter #10 (Page #332-350) deals with "Single Sign-On Support with SAML" and "Signle Sign-On Support with Google OAuth 2.0".

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Hi Kyle,

You could create local accounts on the application server. Then, by avoiding Windows Authentication, you could sign in using a local account <Server Name>\<UserName>.

Imo Firefox does not run Windows Authentication by default (or only for trusted uris), so that would be a good try.

This may kind of circumvent corporate security policies, but hey 😄

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SSO is what they should be using but it's sort of an odd situation where SSO likely won't help here. But I'll pass along the suggestion of the local account on the App server, citing the fact it will circumvent corporate security policies, and see if it works for them (they'd allow the exception).


Appreciate the suggestions @erwinlindemann @mfranz .