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Installing Inventory Beacon with IIS but Default Web Site (with ID=1) couldn't use for it

Hi, I would install a new Inventory Beacon on a server wich contains IIS but the IIS Default Web Site with ID=1 is blocked with same other application and couldn't  use for IB URL.

How could I change during the setup that beacon installation or later configuration of beacon with IIS + SSL use the next IIS Web Site with ID=2 ?


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The Inventory Beacon should be installed on a dedicate server.  It uses the Default Web Site within IIS, and in your case this is already used by another application.  Therefore, you must find another server to install a new inventory beacon onto.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Heiko,

I've seen this happening years ago, also the installations scripts did not work with https only, at least back then. I guess the ID is hardcoded.

Have you thought about changing the ID for your existing website, at least until the Beacon is installed?


Best regards,


THX for your support 🙂