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Installing Flexera agents on ExaData Oracle inventory in FNMS cloud


Can someone share experiance, is Flexera agents capable to collect oracle inventory from ExData Box.

There is movement from standard linux and AIX vms to Exadata where all oracle products : DBs, components would be migrated to Exadata infrastructure and the DBAs are quite relunctant to have any form of an agent to inventory oracle datasets.

Can we install Flexera agents on these Exadata box, if yes what are the guideline or alternate option to pull inventory from these boxes.


Thank You.

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We have an FNMS Cloud client that has been using the FlexNet inventory agent on Exadata systems for over 1 year now with no issues. They had all the same questions you have.

Oracle claims that Oracle Linux is build from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is 100% compatible. At that time FNMS 2019 R1 was the current version and that Linux agent version was installed on a test Exadata system. Again, there were no issues with the installation, the ability to correctly gather Oracle inventory, or issues with the Oracle databases.

If the FlexNet agents are installed on other Oracle servers the DBAs will have the same experience with the agent on the Exadata system. There were no special considerations or alterations needed to gather inventory from these systems.

It is always a good idea to test the agent install and inventory results on an Exadata test system. They can gain some experience and have a compfort level prior to a wider rollout to all Exadata systems.

Thanks, can you please share some guideline or link on installing upgraded agents on exadata boxes.

@dparab27 - Since Exadata is just running the Oracle Linux OS, there would not be any difference in how the agent is installed on an Exadata appliance, vs a normal server running Oracle Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or etc.......