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Unrecognized File Evidence

Hello Team,

Please provide SQL query to pull 'unrecognized file evidence' from FNMS Compliance Database. Flexera version is 2023 R1 in our environment. From UI, it is taking very long time to get the 'unrecognized file evidence' and it is going to hung state. Hence trying from Datasbase side.

Please help to provide SQL query accordingly.

I referred the below blog which will pull file evidence, whether will it help collect unrecognized evidence also. Kindly clarify, thanks. 

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

(1) Reply

Hello, a lot of information and sql query are already available in the blog post. You have to ask what is the purpose of dealing unreco file evidence ? Most customers do nothing, relying on ARL. Some do only opportunistic search & rescue queries about some softwares. Very few do a very hudge work (because of volume) of recognizing most (or even all) file evidences, which is the Graal.