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Tibco Hawk Application Recognition

Hello Team,

How to identify from the flexera inventory log - NDI files, whether Tibco Hawk application information is present in it. Basically on linux server, /opt/tibco/hawk/  is the installation directory.

On Windows,  C:\tibco\hawk\

We have the ndi file of linux server where tibco hawk application is installed. By searching /opt/tibco/hawk/ , not able to get any hit/search for the evidence from source. 

Please guide/help on these lines, thanks.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS


(1) Reply

It sounds like the Inventory agent is not scanning for files on your Unix machines, or that file path is excluded from scanning. 

You can check if file scanning is enabled by reviewing the top line of the NDI file for the 'FileScan' parameter. There are other ways to check this, but if you already have a copy of the NDI file this is one of the easiest. 

Checking of the file path '/opt/tibco/hawk/' is excluded, will require you to check the tracker log and the Inventory settings page for file exclusions.  

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