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How long does it take for you to run O365 import?

Hello everyone,

I was interested to know, how it looks like in other environments.

I am kind of surprised by the fact o365 jobs takes around 3-4 hours to finish. Especially WriteInstalledInstallerEvidence is very time consuming (about 75% of total time).

Kind regards,


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Jan,

"WriteInstalledInstallerEvidence" is part of the Writer. The Writer is combining data from all the attached data sources and is run after the reader(s).

I guess you might have more data in your system than just from O365. Can you draw a little picture, how many connections,  inventories, etc. do you have?

Best regards,


Hi Markward,
You are right.. my bad I was looking through a wrong .log.

However when I ran o365 job by itself it still took 4hrs. Which is about the same timeframe as for full inventory import (meaning FlextNet inventory, SCCM and XenApp) for total of 70k devices.

I took some numbers from a little test environment.

Get Users 
	Transferred 191 records
	Successfully processed in 12 seconds.
Get Installer Evidence
	Transferred 68 records
	Successfully processed in 2 seconds.
Get Licenses
	Transferred 18 records
	Successfully processed in 9 seconds.
Get user allocations for licenses
	Transferred 327 records
	Successfully processed in 5 seconds.

Can you take these numbers from your log to see how they compare?

Hi Markward,

I checked the log from staging phase and found the following:

Get user allocations for licenses
Successfully processed in 3 seconds.

Get Licenses 
Successfully processed in 0 seconds

Get Installer Evidence 
Successfully processed in 0 seconds.

Get Users
Successfully processed in 1 second.

It doesn't look like they problem lays here. The next stage is much worse actually, especially

Successfully processed in 54 minutes, 31 seconds

Where I received a warning

WARN Warning! The maximum key length is 900 bytes. The index 'IX_TempProductCodeRules' has maximum length of 1025 bytes. For some combination of large values, the insert/update operation will fail.

and ReconcileLicenses which took 2 hrs

Hi Jan,

So it seems not to be related to the O365 reader part. Writing Installer Evidences is quite a complex step and unfortunately the log does not list how long the single steps take.

You could test the SQL statements from this part of the writer manually, but you would have to run other statements just to fill the temp tables for the actual statement.

And/or you could take a look at my comment here. It lists a few things to maybe check on your database.

Best regards,