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How does Flexera agent collect the IP address on the device its running?


I have 2 questions first one is hopefully simple. How does the Flexera agent (Win and Linux) collect the IP adresses on the device?

Concretely we see the issue on AWS Cloud VMs that the collection of IP adresses is not complete. It's finding only 1 where we expect at least 2.  Is this a known issue? Any suggesting to improve this situation?




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For retrieving IP addresses, the Flexera Windows agent - written in C++ - will use Windows API functions like GetAdaptersAddresses().

On a VM running on Amazon AWS EC2, all configured IP-Adresses should be returned, similar to what you get when using the IPCONFIG command line tool.

VMs on Amazon AWS typically have at least two IP addresses, where the private IP address is visible in the AWS internal network only. The public IP address will be exposed to the Internet.

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On Windows, IP address details are normally obtained by from instances of the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WMI class.

I'm not sure of the exact system calls that are used on Unix-like operating systems, but IP address details will be gathered from the various network interfaces that are configured on those OSes.

I'm not aware of any issues specifically with gathering IP address details on AWS Cloud VMs/instances.

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Thanks for your reply all. After some more details meetings with the specialist on our end we found out that only 1 network is active. The other is only active in DR mode so it was very clear why the agent didn't pick up the second ip.