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FlexLM License position

Hi all!

We need to make a BA for the extraction of the consumptions of concurrent users. This BA will only introduce the maximum peak of concurrent users in a day.

What information is necessary to achieve a total monitoring of consumption? 
Any hint on how to get this information?

Thank you very much.

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Please could you elaborate on whether you're already using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications  to monitor the concurrent licensing usage or not?

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications (FNMEA) reads the FlexNet Publisher (fka. FlexLM) report logs and collects the relevant data to report on, monitor and optimize concurrent use license consumption. FNMEA integrates with FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) (on-premises only though) in case this is what you're looking for?



The use of FNMEA was discarded, the client only wanted to control one provider. FNMEA is a very good product will a lot of functionalities.

What we want is to know what is the peak of use por each product each day, so we want to connect to FlexPLM to recover the data. We are trying to analyse the logs of FlexLM to generate this information. Has FlexLM an API ?. how is the best approach?.

Thank you,



You may want to ask through the FlexNet Publisher forum as you may get more FlexLM expertise there...