FNMS Reconciliation Scheduling

My customer has a question about the reconciliation jobs for FNMS.  They have them scheduled for 1:00 am, however they never actually start before 7:00 am, sometimes like today, as late as 11:30 am. Their job scheduling is already difficult because of our global environment and jobs having to process through beacons in multiple time zones, this complicates that further.

Can you help them understand the how and why around reconciliation for cloud customers, how it’s supposed to work and why it’s so far off the expected scheduled time?

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Re: FNMS Reconciliation Scheduling

The time you configure (1am in your case) is the time at which a job to perform the reconciliation is put into a queue. Jobs in the queue are processed in a first-in-first-out order; so any other jobs already in the queue at the time you select will be processed before your job is actually kicked off.

Because of the queued nature of the processing, you can't precisely control when the job is executed. All you can control is the earliest time when it will be executed.

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