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Flexnet and Service Now Questions

We are working to create a CMDB using Flexnet Data, we had some questions that we have not been able to find answers too.

  • Can we kick off 'full exports' daily, automatically (rather than manual checkbox)?
  • How have other users dealt with 'Status' using FlexNet?
  • On the initial run, not all CIs were successfully exported to ServiceNow. Is there a limitation on how many can get sent? Is this a known issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you

(2) Replies

Are you on Prem or in the Cloud? In the cloud you have limits, on prem you have more options.

Review what the documented what the adapter is transferring from the documentation. (it will give table level migration information) Is that the data you want to move or do you want more or less than it does?

If you are on prem, you can configure a job on the Mid server to do a sql query to bulk pull the data you want.

We are on Prem. We don't want to gather anymore information then what is part of the out of box integration.