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When are hosts shown in FNMS ( Inventory Agent Schedule ) ?

Hello everyone,

I have trouble understanding the FNMS Inventory Agent Schedule. We have set the schedule to run each Saturday. I was wondering when and which data is reaching FNMS. Lets say I have a new machine and deploy an agent on this machine on Monday. Does it mean we will only see this host at earliest on the next Saturday?  And by "see this host" I mean see a new row created in the "All Inventory" overview, is that correct?

Also, we run a reconciliation every night. Is a reconcile in any way related to the Inventory Agent Schedule? A reconcile is applied to the hosts shown in "All Inventory" overview if I am right? I am not sure.

Can somebody elaborate?

Thank you

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If you have the Inventory Agent scheduled to run on Saturday, then inventory will not be generated by the agent and uploaded to FNMS until Saturday.  If you install a new agent on Monday, it will lie dormant until the time range you specified for Saturday.  In essence, you're collecting inventory once a week on Saturdays.  Inventory is passed from the agent to an Inventory Beacon and then from an Inventory Beacon to FNMS.  In your case, this will only happen on Saturdays.

Running a reconciliation won't process any new inventory until Sunday morning (assuming you have the default Reconciliation running daily at 2am).  It won't be until then that you see new rows in "All Inventory" from devices that had the agent installed in the prior week.