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FNMS API documentation

Does FNMS have an exposed API that can be used to call from other non-Flexera applications? 

If so, where is the documentation? I haven't been able to find it yet.


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Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud and On-premises does have an internal API that other Flexera products (like App Portal) make use of. However the current (*) situation is that this API is not documented, supported or guaranteed to remain unchanged over future product updates. So it is not very effective for your own production use.

With those major caveats stated, check out the following for a little info on how to use this internal API to access FlexNet data using an API: Access or Update FNMS Cloud Data using PowerShell


(*) The "current" situation may change in the future, with some consideration of a published API currently in the works.

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Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hi @jaalstead ,


More like the current APi is not documented or designed for external use at this time.
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Hi Jimmy,

Is there any chance that you may have a rough ETA on when (if at all) the FNMS API may be documented for customer consumption?

Thank you!

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Hi Doug,


Engineering has not provided an ETA yet, but they are still planning to provide it in the future. I will update this post once something official is announced.

All - To follow up on this thread, Flexera is planning on creating a new Restful API for FNMS Cloud that is fully documented.  The note referencing that Engineering has not yet released the documentation is not to document the legacy SOAP-based API, it is for the new API being built.  I am not sure on the initial date, but the plan will be to release updates to the API throughout 2020.


Hi KClausen,

Are there any updates on this ?

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Here is the documentation for the current REST API for FNMS cloud via Flexera One: 

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