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FNMP database space issue on shared instance

Hi Flexera, 

We recently ran into an issue of our FNMP database running out of space and its hosted on a shared instance.
Wondering if we have any data archiving process or solution with in FNMS itself.

If the data can be archived/purged, any data older than some period of time. 

Or any other suggestions, other than having a dedicated instance for the database.


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Sushant,

There is no built in archiving. Here are some questions, you might want to ask if you are looking for a custom solution:

  • Is it the actual database that grew too large, or maybe the logs?
  • Can you say where you have too much data? Given the feature is installed, you can use built-in SQL Server reports to show how much space is used by which data table. Otherwise you'll find SQL statements doing the same via Google.
  • Could you limit your history, e.g. removing data beyond a certain age (ComplianceHistory)?
  • Will you be able provide enough space for future growth (as mentioned in the release notes)?

Depending on thee answers, you might want to design

  • a one time fix, or a reoccurring solution
  • just delete data or try to store it somewhere else
  • maybe make the old data accessible via a custom report

Best regards,


The following thread contains some discussion about deleting old history data (which will typically become the largest amount of data held in the database over time): History table deletion scripts

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Couple of other variables to consider,

Is it Temp space running out or the whole database. FNMS is a very large TEMPDB user. I had to work with my DBA's since it's TEMPDB use is very high compared to most databases.

Do you monitor software usage? If so, that will cause lots of growth issues as well as performance issues. (extends reconciles dramatically over time) You may want to look at some of the helper file launches the db maintains for licensed products and do a delete from SQL Management Studio directly. I need to do it quarterly in my environment.