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FNM AD configuration via Active Roles

I wanted to reach out and inquire if anyone has successfully connected their FNM instance to Active Directory using Active Roles Server Management. Our customer is currently exploring this avenue and would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences shared.

If you have achieved this integration or have relevant information, could you please share your process, challenges faced, and any tips for a smoother implementation?

Thank you.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Could you describe the nature of the integration your customer is trying to achieve? Is it about reading group memberships for license management or is it for importing other data or for access management of FNMS itself?

Hi @mfranz,

It is for access management of FNMS. 

After some googling, it looks like Active Roles Server Management does improve AD by automating tasks, but it doesn't seem to change the core of AD. I would think you can still read your group memberships via LDAP or PowerShell CLI and automate things in FNMS as you could without Active Roles Server Management.

If you could describe your use case a bit more in detail, maybe we could give you a better answer.