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FNMEA - How to count # of users for its licensing purpose

FNMEA is licensed by # of users it analyzes/reports. How is the # of users counted?


At a point of time, say on August 31, there are 100 users who are using the Engineering App. UserA resignes on Aug 31, then new user, UserB, joins the team start using the App.

I'm assuming that the license necessary for FNMEA is 100 throughout the period and want to confirm it is correct. Also would like to understand how the calculation of # of users works.

Is there clear description somewhere?


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Shoji, the licensing for FNMEA is similar to FNM-SAP.  You must license ALL of the users that have license usage that you are reporting against within FNMEA.

So in your example below, on a specific start date there are 100 unique users within FNMEA that have license usage activity (they have checked out a license).   5 of these employees quit the company and then 5 new employees are hired and start to have license usage activity.  At this point in time, there are now 105 users within FNMEA that you are tracking activity for, and therefore your FNMEA license needs to cover all 105 users.

During a renewal of FNMEA, you will be required to run a report against historical usage data for the last 12 months.  The number of unique users with license usage during the last 12 months will be your Renewal True Up. 

Note that with the above approach, former employees will eventually drop out of the FNMEA license requirements, but will happen at renewal time as long as the last activity is more than 12 months old.