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Saving Upgrade Rights without an Application

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


A colleague made me aware of some unexpected behavior of FNMS. I have double checked this in two FNMS 2019 R1 (HF4) environments.

Here is the situation: When a license has no application linked, upgrade rights (to selected version & to date) cannot be saved. “Save” can be clicked, the site reloads, “Your license was saved successfully.” appears, but the setting is back to “No upgrade rights”. I tested different license types, same result everywhere.

What I think: I guess this happens because without an application, FNMS has nothing to apply these settings to. Still, it feels like a bug, because of the way the system behaves.

Our problem: Without being able to just save the rights, we're missing the option to document use rights. This information can still be valuable to the license management.

Can anyone confirm this?

Best regards,


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
I'm not that surprised by the behavior you've described here - the upgrade rights configured on a license will be intimately tied to the application details linked to the license and the associated version/edition hierarchy. Without an application linked, there is no edition/version hierarchy information to be able to tied the upgrade rights to.

The desired to document upgrade rights makes sense. I guess you could do something like link the application to a dummy application record, or document the rights in written form in the "Information" field.
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What just came to my mind, without having it tested: If I made certain changes to a license, like remove applications, add applications, I could lose setting in the use rights. Would be suboptimal.