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Expiry Dates re purchases

Hi there,

I would like to filter on all active licenses  as well as field "expiry date" of maintenance. For some of them I am NOT getting the latest maintenance date. It shows a random (expiry) date from the past (whereas it should choose the current one). What do I need to do/change to get the latest date shown?

Thanks for your support,




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Hi @Michaela.
Please provide a sample of your report here.
What objects have you used in the report?
Keep in mind that the expiry of a license would show the maintenance date from the latest purchase processed. But each PO line would only be able to show the maintenance as was recorded on that po line item.

Hi Nico,

I am filtering on the all license page regarding expiry dates. Yet I am NOT getting the date from the latest purchase processed. This is exactly the issue. I would like a list of the license inventory with the current/latest maintenance date. Please see attached doc

Your support/feedback is appreciated.




Hi @Michaela .  Please note that the license expiry field is only related to subscriptions.  Your PO's are for maintenance.

Please check in the license, what the set expiry date is there.


By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Michaela,

The Expiry date field is detailed here:

Please ensure this is the date you are looking for. I have checked my test system and this does work.