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Error when running Adoption Rules

Good day

We are receiving and error when running adoption:

Result of type 'TaskType_Adoption' on target '':
<TaskStatus Result="Failed" StartDateTime="2020-04-09T05:00:39" Type="Adoption" Status="RemoteExecutionFailedReturnedNonZero" Duration="4.34">
<Step Result="Failed" Type="RPCCommand" Status="RPCExecutionOnRemoteHostReturnedNonZero" Duration="4.34" Credential="Windows NA Domain Account">
<CommandLine>\\beaconname\mgsRET$\Adoption\ndinstlr.exe -r &quot;https://beaconname/ManageSoftDL/Packages/Flexera/Adoption/14.1.0/Rev1.0/Managed%20Device%20Adoption/Managed%20Device%20Adoption.osd&quot; -o DeployServerURL=&quot;https://beaconname/ManageSoftDL&quot; -o MsiInstallArgs=&quot;/L*v ManageSoft.msi.log DEPLOYSERVERURL=\&quot;https://beaconname/ManageSoftDL\&quot; ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress POLICYSOURCE=Server INSTALLMACHINEPOLICY=1 POLICYARGS=\&quot;-o InstallDefaultSchedule=TRUE -o UserInteractionLevel=Quiet\&quot;&quot; -o INSTALLMACHINEPOLICY=&quot;1&quot;</CommandLine>
<Parameter Index="0">1</Parameter>


All ports, accounts, rules, targets seem to be correct. Has anyone experienced these issues.

I have removed the beacon name for privacy.



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Level 8 Champion


One good thing to verify is that the installation files really are located in that path. We had a strange error in our environment where the installation files was not replicated to the beacons, I did a manual fix by copying them from another beacon.

You can also review the log files on that beacon and also check on the test client.



I have also faced the same problem in my env. I am using latest onprem version.

I have verified packages in beacon & all are in place under adoption folder. 


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