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Does a business adapter support Mainframe connection?

Dear Community,

 I am trying to integrate FNMS with PeopleSoft to have purchase order details uploaded. The PeopleSoft team have their data on a Mainframe DB2 database. Does the business adapter support a connection to DB2 databases? If it does not, what other options can I consider?

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You'll need DB2 database drivers, most likely OLE or ODBC.

And you'll need network access, as well as a proper credentials with enough rights to login and access relevant tables and views.


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As an alternate method, you can write a Mainframe program/job that extracts the data that is needed from the PeopleSoft/DB2 back end, and create a delimited CSV flat file on a shared volume on your network.  You can then write a Business Adapter that reads from this CSV file and imports the purchase data into FlexNet Manager.

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Thank you both for the inputs. I will try out and see which works best for my environment.

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