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Disconnected Beacon Inventory Uploads trigger reconciliation

Wanted to throw this out and see what some available options are or if anyone has found a better way to deal with this.

We have a large environment bringing in a lot of sources of data from multiple networks, and our reconciliations were taking the better part of the "off hours" window into the next morning.  This setup worked for us for awhile, but when we started deploying agents, the times grew exponentially when adding what was collected by the agents from the Inventory db.

Fast forward...we split off the 3rd party inventory jobs to a disconnected Beacon so that we could run those inventories ahead of time and have everything done and ready to go when the nightly Reconciliation kicked off.  In doing this---I noticed now that every time one of these jobs runs (SCCM, AppV, Managesoft Inventory, etc), and the inventory gets uploaded, the batch processor processes the inventory, but also triggers a reconciliation.

This is defeating the purpose of what i'm trying to accomplish.  I have changed the Beacon's 3rd party upload job to run at a specific time in the evening (instead of every 10 minutes) so that i can control when the data gets uploaded have it trigger a single reconciliation----but since this will trigger a reconciliation, then the app server will still kick off it's nightly one (that we need to run to process some off network inventory that gets manually moved to the "IntermediateData" folder.   that is still going to have 2 a day, which isn't going to work.

Is there a way to stop these reconciliations from happening when the 3rd party inventory comes in and is processed?   Wanted to see what the mad scientists out there may have done before i went to open a ticket.



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Alexander---thank you so much!   not sure how i didn't come across this in my searching, but you may have saved my sanity.  Much appreciated!