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The license reconciliation process can run each time inventory data is extracted and uploaded from a source by a beacon, potentially resulting in this process running multiple times each day. A configuration option is available to avoid running this process automatically when inventory data is uploaded.


Beacon(s) can be configured to extract and upload inventory data from a range of sources, such as Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM), Tanium Asset, IBM BigFix Platform, etc. In some configurations, after such data is uploaded and stored in staging tables, a license reconciliation process will be automatically initiated. These processes along with the regular scheduled inventory import and license reconcile process can result in the reconciliation operations being performed multiple times a day.

Organizations have different requirements for the frequency of license reconcile operations being performed due to different environment sizes and circumstances when it comes to how up-to-date their reported data is. To support this, a setting can be configured in the ComplianceTenantSetting view in the compliance database to disable these license reconciliation operations that are triggered by inventory data being uploaded.

The following SQL statement can be executed against the compliance database to configure this setting:

UPDATE dbo.ComplianceTenantSetting
SET SettingValue = '0' -- Default value is '1'
WHERE SettingNameID = (
    SELECT SettingNameID
    FROM dbo.SettingName
    WHERE Name = 'PackageUploadTriggersWriters'

When configured in this way, reconciliations of uploaded data will only be done when the regular scheduled task is executed or a user manually initiates a reconciliation.

Note: FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 SP2 and earlier operated as if this setting is always 0.

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