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Cost Centers and Corporate Units

Is there a way to bulk delete Cost Centers or Corporate Units in FNMS Cloud?


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If the cost centers and corporate units you want to delete are within the same parent, you can simply delete the parent entity and it will cascade delete all children entities. So for example if you have the following cost centers:

Cost centers

  • Flexera
    • Engineering / IT
      • Engineering
      • IT
    • Sales

Deleting "Engineering / IT" will cascade delete "Engineering" and "IT' cost centers.

However if the cost centers / corporate units that you'd like to delete are not within such defined structure and the number of entities to delete are massive such that it doesn't make sense to manually delete them one by one, you can raise a support ticket to Flexera to request data deletion.

Cheers, Kent

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Thanks @kent-au ! We're looking more like the second scenario rather than those with nested records. Will raise a ticket then with Support to clean up the data. 

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