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Corporate Unit in Oracle License Consumption tab

Was curious the reason for not exposing corporate unit within the consumption tab on Oracle licenses.  I see from the help where it states it is not available with oracle licenses and a couple others, but was just curious if there is a specific reason.  Thanks!

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Hi Goody,

I don't think there is any specific reason.

  • File this as an Idea (aka 'enhancement request') in the Ideas area of the Community, please.
  • In case you are working in an on-prem FNMS environment, as a workaround, you have the option to build a SQL query that includes group properties like 'Organizational Unit', 'Cost Center' and 'Location', and expose the results of this query as a report into the FNMS UI.

 @erwinlindemann You might be right that there isnt a specific reason, but it is interesting that it is specifically called out here: FlexNet Manager Suite Online Help - License Properties - Columns in List - Corporate Unit 



That leads me to believe there was a decision made behind not exposing it for those license types. I would be interested to hear from Flexera what that reasoning is before we complete the level of effort required to create a complex custom report that resembles the Oracle license consumption tab with corporate units.