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Checkout fail with -90 error

One of our client is facing an issue where for a server, it is randomly getting -90 error for checkout. As per documentation, this error means future license file format but I am not sure if we get error for future license file. In case we use an old license file format we get error while launching the server but I have not seen any error if license file format is new. Also that error comes at server end and this error come randomly, not always. Based on data gathered:

  1. I asked user and the license is present only on 1 server.
  2. This error comes randomly, I asked user to check server usage for feature when he get this error and from shared logs I can see licenses are still available.

It would be helpful is someone knows what can be the reason for this error or any information on how we can repro this issue.


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Hello @deepakgu 

Could you please clarify what Flexera product of this issue is? This forum is specialized for the product "FlexNet Manager Suite" .


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@deepakgu - My guess is that your question/issue is in regards to the FlexLM License Server that some software publishers use to manage concurrent licenses.  Therefore, please post your question into the FlexNet Publisher forum as that is where Flexera/Revanara products sold to Software Publishers should reside.


Thanks for sharing the correct forum. I have posted this question there.