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Can you tie multiple license records to a PO that has only 1 PO Item?

Can you tie multiple Flexera FNMS license records to a single Flexera FNMS Purchase Order record that has only 1 PO Item?

For Example: 

  • Say if we have a PO# 12345 and it only has 1 line item called 'Software Renewals 2019'
  • The Quantity of 1 for a total price of $1,000,000.00.
  • This line 1 entry is actually covering maintenance for 5 software products. Product A, Product B, Product C, Product D, and Product E. (usually software quote shows all 5 software products but the PO doesn't as it may just clumped them into 1 line item).

Question 1: Is it ok to have 5 different Flexera FNMS license records for each software product that points back to just the 1 PO line 1 Purchase Order record or will that cause a problem with getting a valid license position for all 5 products?

Question 2: Or is the only things to do is just create the following?:

PO # 12345 Item 1 Software A,

PO # 12345 Item 2 Software B,

PO # 12345 Item 3 Software C,

PO # 12345 Item 4 Software D,

PO # 12345 Item 5, Software E.

We are just starting to create Purchase & License records so we want to make sure we are effective and not have to create 10 purchase records that have line number 1 thru 10 which could be time consuming. We prefer to create just 1 purchase record and have many License records. Our Software Quote for this purchase order could have up to 20 different products. In general, I don't mind creating 1-5 line items under the same Purchase record, but there are times that there could be 20-30 separate products being renewed by one single Purchase order.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated....



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When we have POs come in like that, I do an adjustment line item to negative out the original purchase then create additional purchases for the individual items purchased.  This way we can process the purchases to the different licenses and apply the correct entitlements.  Interested to hear if anyone has a different perspective.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Technically, it is possible to create multiple links, but it is definitely not recommended. The original workflow in FNMS will not allow it, you'll have to got other routes. An what's even worse, you risk losing clarity. And clarity is in the end pretty much what FNMS is offering you.

Therefore I would recommend either

  1. Create a combined license to map all applications, covered by the purchase; like a bundle
  2. Create multiple purchase order lines for the different products (as you mentioned already)

You also mentioned these are maintenance, so I guess you'll have to link them to base licenses anyway. In this case, option 2 is the way to go.

A thought: Not sure where your data comes from and not sure if your purchase data will work as "proof of license" at all. But maybe, having specific products mentioned in the original data provided by the vendor/publisher is a good idea?

Best regards,