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Best Practices to follow for Purchase and Evidence matching in flexera

Require help and guidance to counter different scenarios  of Purchase and License evidence matching for Effective  license Positioning .


1.Incomplete/insufficient  Purchase data/information  to match the License usage evidence discovered by Flexera

2.No Purchase data/information to counter  application License usage evidence discovered by Flexera .


(2) Replies

I'm not really sure about the questions you are asking.  Quality purchase data (with contracts, T's and C's, EULAs and SKUs) is foundational.  If you are lacking purchase data, but have contracts, settlements, or authoritative documentation, you may be able to create licenses (even with "dummy PO" values), but it's not best practice, and the authority of the data produced would always be suspect.  If you feed chicken into a sausage-making machine, you don't wind up with beef sausages, no matter your intent.

@ninadkubal your bringing up a great topic. As I tell all of my customers, your work in the Flexera tool(s) is only as good as the data that is brought into the tool and those business practices and policies done outside of the tool.  Some things to look at to improve the use of the tool(s):

1) Get executives and leaders on-board with using the tool(s).
2) Address the communications lines between the sections within the business/organization and ITAM team. Share information and share data.
3) Identify and address the business policies and practices within the business/organization that hamper the use of the tool(s).

Your biggest feather is to associate cost liabilities or cost savings with the licenses under your management. That also includes that lack of being able to show cost liabilities and cost savings due to not having all of the external data needed for/in the tool(s).

As an example: "Boss, we are using 4,000 of Widget software on the network. However, I can't track down the related procurement documentation so I am unsure what was purchased. Currently, Widget software retails for $350.00 per license. So, without knowing what was purchased, our cost liability or cost savings for just Widget software is somewhere between an estimated $0 and $1,400,000."

Let me know if you have additional questions.