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BIOS Data visible


In the ndi file I see the BIOS information availble from the server. Does any of you have experience to make this data visible in FNMS?





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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Frank,

I did a little enhancement a while ago to bringt the BIOS GUID to the FNMS WebUI. You can apply the idea to most data.

  1. If it's in the ndi,
  2. you should find it in the inventory database (HardwareObject, HardwareClass, HardwareProperty, HardwareValue)
  3. You can create custom fields
  4. and update them from teh data above using a business import.

I am not sure how well FNMS scales performance-wise having dozens of custom fields. Maybe beyond a certain point, a custom report is the smarter coice.

Best regards,


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