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Can FNMS report on Azure VDI services via the Azure Connector or any other means? 

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The Azure connector in FlexNet Manager Suite extracts information about Azure virtual machines (aka "instances") so that information can be matched up with hardware and software inventory that is gathered from those virtual machines.

I'm not familiar enough with Azure to know exactly how Virtual Desktop instances correspond to virtual machine. Somebody else who knows this better may be able to comment more specifically, but I would guess that the Azure Virtual Desktop services do run on some kind of Azure virtual machine. If that's right then I'd expect FlexNet Manager Suite would import details of those virtual machines just like virtual machines used for other types of (non-desktop) workloads.

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The connector to Azure is only a part of a complete "bring your own software license", or BYOSL management strategy for
instances (typically, virtual machines that are tracked as inventory devices) that are hosted for you by this cloud service
provider. By itself, the connector does not gather sufficient data to allow for license management: for example, it does not
gather software inventory for the applications that are running on your cloud-hosted devices.
For that reason, this part covers more than the connector itself. As well as details of prerequisites, set up, and data
gathering with the connector, the part includes some insights into:
• Processes for gathering complete hardware and software inventory for your cloud-based instances
• Considerations for license management.
For getting complete inventory, Please deploy inventory agent or use third party connector like SCCM,BIGfix Etc.