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Azure Connector - Azure VM data not retrieved in 2019 R1


There's a problem with FNMS 2019 R1 reading Azure Connector data and it is uncertain if the issue is related to version differences between 2019 R1 and 2019 R2.


- App registration in customer Azure tenant setup according to specifications and Beacon connection test shows "Success" (PowerShell, connectivity, etc. OK)

- Same connector settings scified to both prod and test

- Test setup running 2019 R2

- Production setup running 2019 R1


- Test setup populates the Cloud Service Provider Inventory & CloudServiceInstance_MT table:


- Production setup fails to populate due to unknown reason:



- Both have identical Warning messages in the ComplianceReader logs which do not affect the outcome

Here's another catch:

- Both Prod & Test setup are able to read VM data successfully from my Visual Studio Azure subscription 

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Can you check the mentioned tables and "ImportedCloudServiceInstance" to see if anything meaningful was imported?

Best regards,


Hi, thanks for your input @mfranz!

I re-imported from scratch and unfortunately that table is also empty in 2019 R1 prod setup.

I suspect this might something within FNMS reader in 2019 R1, but I probably need to test this on another 2019 R1 setup somewhere.

Can you help me understand what is an Azure connector?  How do we implement this Azure connector?  I have 2019 R2


You might want to start looking into the Adapters and Connectors Reference, part V. It is quite comprehenisve. 

Best regards,