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Best software for Re-harvesting?

Dear Community, 

Wishing everyone is safe in this challenging times.

I am currently working on a re-harvesting strategy, I have identified few licenses/applications that are really good for re-harvesting. Thinking "off-the-shelf" software, which would be your key software for this task? 

I will name 3, maybe we could collaborate identifying this key application.

For me:

Tableau - Desktop
Visio - MS
Reflection - MF

 Whats yours? 

A. MacBeath
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

You could use App Portal/Broker which integrates with FNMS and can be used to reclaim licenses. You can specify the apps and the criteria for having it reclaimed (information gathered by FNMS) and use App Portal to do the reclamation. Refer to the documentation below for further information:

Compliance Management Reference

I hope this addresses your inquiry. 

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