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Automate the inventory device status from to Ignored for the past 30 days only using the changes in Last inventory date


Could someone please assist me in providing a query that would Automate the inventory device status to Ignored for servers that have not reported in the past 30 days only

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Hi @IronManMK10  this question has been answered on the following thread.

Automate the inventory device status from ignored to Active 


Adding that you will need to update the query to suit your needs to target servers only with a "WHERE" statement.

Hope this helps!

Hello @IronManMK10 ,

I would not advise to automatically ignore device after x amounts of  days, because you can end up with devices that are active and the agent is broken, 1st from my point of view, you need to investigate if the device is indeed no longer active and is decommissioned,  also an integration with an CMDB will solve this issue, as if you move status of a device in CMDB to ignore, then automatically will be propagated into FNMS and put on ignore, and you can focus only on active devices why they are not working. My opinion.



Totally agree with this as the absolute best practice, but in the absence of a mature CMDB this may be the only option to keep total device count down and to handle decommissioned devices.

As a fail-safe, in conjunction with this ignore adapter I recommend building a custom report that focuses specifically on the last inventory date of agent inventory compared to inventory from another source. You can diagnose devices that are still active if they have received inventory from another source like SCCM or Tanium, but the agent hasn't reported recently. This allows you to pinpoint devices where the agent is not functioning normally. It is reasonable to assume though that if you have multiple sources of inventory from the same device that if none are reporting inventory the device is decommissioned. The additional fail-safe is that the adapter would reactive that inventory device if the infrastructure team resolved an issue with that server.

In cases where the agent is the only source of inventory feeding FNM then I would conduct agent auditing and troubleshooting before automatically ignoring the inventory.