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updating asset data


I am looking for suggestions on how to improve our asset update process.  We currently have field technicians that fill out a spreadsheet to have asset fields (Status, Serial #, assigned user and location) updated when a change is made.  This spreadsheet is sent to an email box and from there, a user consolidates all of those updates into a new spreadsheet and uses a business adapter to make the updates.  We are a global company with field technicians around the world.  How do you make updates to your asset data?

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I'm interested to hear stories about this too! But in the meantime, you may consider voting for the following idea which is related to this: ITAMFNMS-I-102: One Off Upload of Contracts and other important data

(The description in the idea doesn't explicitly mention "asset" data, but the concept is relevant.)

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Hello @trachsma ,

Do you have a central CMDB, where this data are updated, like ServiceNow or other CMDB system?

If you have, then you can write a connector to download the data from there, normalize it and update automatically in Flexera.