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Audit checklist for FNMS platform

Hi Forum,

Need guidance and suggestions on creating a checklist to bench mark the FNMS platform implementation /functionality and what parameters to be considered to check so that we can assure that the FNMS is functioning as per the standards in general.

Request to share any reference links/docs etc. 



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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion


I like the idea. I don't have a document ready, but here are some ideas, should you consider to create such document. I guess, most of this could be checked with a PowerShell script.

  • Web server / web interface running?
  • Secure communication (SSL) in use? Is the certificate ok?
  • All FNMS services running?
  • All FNMS system tasks running? (can be checked in the compliance database)
  • All Business Imports runinng? (can be checked in the compliance database)
  • Are the databases fine? (can be checked in the database server)
  • Are FNMS Scheduled Tasks ok?
  • Are ARL/SKU/PURL updates running without issues/are libraries up to date? (last update dates can be fetched form teh Compliance DB)

I would distinguish between are more technical/platform approach, like the stuff above, and a data quality approach for stuff actually in FNMS. Data quality can be subjective, it really depends on specific requirements.

Best regards,


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