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Application Missing from Application Summary

Hi All,

As of 3/5/2020 an application called Epic BCA stopped showing up under the application summary in  FlexNet Manager. This application is our healthcare organization's electronic medical record thick client which is highly critical. What can I do to get FlexNet Manager to detect this software again?

Thank you,

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@jjhidalgo  - It is possible that your company recently rolled out a newer version of this application and the new version is not being recognized by the Recognition Library.  Please review your Unrecognized Application view for traces of this application that are not recognized and take appropriate action.

@kclausen We have found Epic BCA in the Unrecognized Evidence > Installer. Help me understand why a well known healthcare application is not in the recognition library already. We are looking for Epic May 2019 version 8.8 to be updated in the recognition library. 

Thank you!

@jjhidalgo - The application is in the Recognition Library, it just has not been updated yet for the newest versions.  In the process of doing proactive work to maintain the Recognition Library for new versions of products, top priority is given to Tier 1 and Tier 2 publishers like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Veritas, etc.

You can submit a request for the Recognition Library to be updated for this product and in the interim, you can create an application in the Local Catalog so that the application appears in your inventory.

@kclausen Thank you for your response,

May I get a list of Tier 1 and Tier 2 publishers?

Thank you,

I do not have that information, unfortunately, but you can assume it would be the usual suspects that our customers are spending the most amount of money on.

The other variable here is that the Content Team puts a higher priority on Commercial software products than it does on Freeware products.

Thank you again for your response,

We currently have over 9,000 unrecognized applications in the Installer Evidence including publishers like Microsoft, McAfee, and "Flexera Admin Studio" (your own product). We need this escalated to someone we can speak with regarding specific issues we are experiencing with the recognition library updates. 

Thank you,