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Oracle application for Oracle license

Hello Team,

There is a requirement to understand Oracle product or application for each of the below Oracle license.  We are using FlexNet Manager 2023 R1(On-Prem) software with ARL v2792, SKU v534 & PURL v534. Please direct me to Flexera documentation which will help me to get respective application information for each of the Oracle licenses mentioned below. 

Oracle Open System Gateways

Oracle Financial Services For Financial Crime & Compliance Management

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management And Billing Application IJser

Oracle Application Replay Pack Processor

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Processor

Oracle Big Data Connectors Processor

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Testing Processor

Oracle Load Testing Accelerator for Oracle Database Named user Plus

Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition Processor

Oracle Enterprise Manager Functional Testing For Web Applications Named user Plus

Oracle Enterprise Manager Load Testing For Web Applications Developer Edition Named IJser Plus

Oracle Enterprise Manager Test Manager For Web Applications Named IJser Plus

Oracle WebLogic Server Multitenant Processor

Oracle WebLogic Server Continuous Availability Processor

Oracle Weblogic Coherence Grid Edition Option

Oracle System Monitoring Plug-in for Non Oracle Middleware - IBM WebSphere MQ Processor

Oracle Functional Testing Accelerator for Web Services Named user Plus

Oracle System Monitoring Plug-in for Non Oracle Databases - Microsoft SQL Server Processor

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

(2) Replies

Did you check the "Oracle SKUs for use with FlexNet Manager Suite" KB article?

The Excel file attachment containing the list of "artificial SKU data for Oracle products" is being updated by the Flexera content team on a regular basis.

Thanks @erwin_lindemann . Will test the functionality and comeback if required.